The Hartford HealthCare Behavioral Health Network (BHN) is one of the nation’s largest and most comprehensive behavioral health networks, providing a broad spectrum of treatment over the lifespan for individuals with mental health and substance abuse illnesses in Connecticut and beyond. Treatment options include inpatient, residential and outpatient, and meet a variety of needs including young adult services, clinical day treatment schools, professional programs, Medicated Assistance Close to Home (MATCH) for opioid and alcohol dependency, and family resources including support groups and educational seminars. The BHN is composed of the Institute of Living at Hartford Hospital, one of the nation’s oldest psychiatric hospitals and research facilities (including the Olin Neuropsychiatry Research Center, the Anxiety Disorders Center and the Clinical Trials Unit), Natchaug Hospital, Rushford, and the behavioral health departments and outpatient treatment programs at HHC acute care hospitals.

We partner with universities to offer a variety of internship and learning opportunities for students across Connecticut. Students who intern with the BHN will grow accustomed to a hands-on learning experience, gain insight into the behavioral health industry, and experience different levels of care, client populations, and diagnoses. Hartford Healthcare hosts one of the largest behavioral health networks in Connecticut, and with that, offers extensive networking opportunities for students entering the field.

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Sites labeled MC are the main campus for that respective entity of the BHN.

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Meet Some of Our Previous Interns

Haley SuboczHaley Subocz

Internship: 2020-2021
Current Department: Institute of Living – Adult Inpatient Unit
Role: Psychiatric Clinician I

“HHC offers unparalleled expertise that prioritizes patient centered care. Their distribution of invaluable real world experience fosters excellence among their peers.”

Kaitlyn KeddyKaitlyn Keddy

Internship: 2020-2021
Current Department: Charlotte Hungerford Hospital – Center for Behavioral Health
Role: Psychiatric Clinician I

“I was running a new outpatient group with my supervisor and she had decided to let me take the group over as my own, but would be in the room in case I needed support. The first day that I ran the group entirely on my own the group had barely noticed that she was there and accepted me as a clinician. It was the moment I began to truly feel empowered by the intern experience.”

Troy Cote

Internship: 2018-2019
Current Department: Charlotte Hungerford Hospital – Center for Behavioral Health
Role: Psychiatric Clinician II

“My advice would be to take as many opportunities as you have available and don’t be afraid to ask questions. A significant piece of my learning was the result of direct experience along with the opportunity to process and ask questions afterwards.”

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