Student art calendar

Student Art Calendar 2023

Each holiday season, artwork from Behavioral Health Network school students is designed into a calendar and shared with thousands of Hartford HealthCare colleagues, donors and supporters - it's become quite the holiday tradition.

After more than a decade we’ve decided to take it one step further by sharing the 2023 calendar and artwork online. The calendar art is created by students at the Institute of Living, Natchaug Hospital and Rushford schools. These state-approved special education facilities provide a combination of academic programming and school-based therapy for children and adolescents who have trouble succeeding in a public school environment.

Thank you to all of the talented students and dedicated educators for sharing your love for art. Happy 2023!

The Webb Schools at the Institute of Living 

Grace S. Webb School Hartford, The Webb School at Cheshire, and The Webb School in the Valley Avon

Joshua Center Clinical Day Treatment Schools at Natchaug Hospital

Enfield CDT School, Green Valley School North Franklin, Northeast CDT School Danielson, Shoreline CDT School Old Saybrook, Thames Valley CDT School Norwich

Rushford Academy School

Rushford Academy School, Durham

Student Artwork from the 2023 Behavioral Health Network Calendar