About Suboxone® Treatment

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Opioid recovery can take a prescribed path
Medication-assisted treatment uses both Suboxone® and therapy to help people into recovery from opioid dependency. Suboxone® helps reduce addictive cravings and allows patients to remain more functional and involved in their families, jobs and communities throughout recovery. Other benefits of Suboxone® include:

  • Lower risk of abuse and dependency
  • Fewer side effects
  • Long duration of action, resulting in infrequent dosing
  • "Ceiling effect" which blocks the ability to get high, reducing the likelihood of opioid use

Suboxone® is FDA-approved and carefully monitored according to evidence-based treatments that have been shown to give patients the best chance at success.


A comprehensive approach to treatment
At the Hartford HealthCare Behavioral Health Network, we believe that therapy is central to successful addiction recovery. Medication such as Suboxone® has been shown to improve treatment outcomes, but every patient also participates in a relapse prevention group to improve overall functioning and provide support in recovery.


Where privacy is part of recovery
We understand that the feeling of utmost privacy is an essential benefit during a delicate time like recovery. So we've designed our Suboxone® medication-assisted treatment programs to maximize privacy. This includes:

  • Accommodating schedules for working professionals
  • Medication pick-up at local pharmacies or delivery to program or home
  • Small groups for relapse prevention groups

Medication Assisted Treatment Close to Home (MATCH™): Suboxone®