Hartford HealthCare Physician Provides Perspective On Anthem Dispute

October 03, 2017

Hartford HealthCare, in its second day of a contract impasse with Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, released a video statement Monday by a high-ranking physician who called for a quick settlement that would minimize patient disruption.


"Contracting with insurance companies is a necessary part of our work," said Dr. James P. Cardon, Hartford HealthCare's chief clinical integration officer, in the video. "I want to be clear: It should never get in the way of you getting the care you need."

The contract, which expired Sept. 30, leaves thousands of people in the state insured by Anthem suddenly facing escalating out-of-network costs for health services. Earlier in the day, Hartford HealthCare announced it had agreed to a new contract with another insurer, Aetna, three months before the expiration of their current contract.

"With the exception of Anthem," said Cardon, "we’ve been able to find common ground with these big companies without disrupting patient care. That’s what happens when both parties understand the mission."

This is the second contract dispute in the past three years between Hartford HealthCare and Anthem. The previous dispute lasted two days, with the settlement providing retroactive coverage so patients did not receive out-of-network charges for services during the impasse.

"We're not-for-profit," said Cardon. "We’re about saving lives and making people healthier. From where I stand, Anthem is about one thing: Paying or denying insurance claims. There’s a big difference. . . .

"We want to resolve our differences."

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